If you are thinking about organising an event for Trustees' Week 2015 (2-8 November), you don't have to hold it during the week itself. You can hold your event any time around then. Why not look at the list of events held in 2014 for some ideas about what you can do? It could be training, workshops, coffee mornings, celebratory events, speed-matching charities to prospective trustees, anything! 

Once you've decided, please email us the details - when, where, what, cost etc and we will put the details here on the Trustees' Week site. Details will also be automatically sent to everyone who has signed up for our updates, and promoted on Twitter @trusteesweek.

Trustees' Week 2015 Events

London & the South East

*Making an impact: Sutton CVS's Annual Trustee Event - 5 November, London
*CIPFA Charity Conference - 3 November, London
*St Albans CVS invites you to celebrate Trustees' Week - 3rd November, St Albans
*The Honorary Treasurers Forum - Seminar: How responsible do you feel for your charity's finances? - 4 November, London
*NCVO / BWB Conference 2015: Helping you to govern with impact - 2 November, London
*Charity Conference 2015: Informing & Educating The Sector - 10 November, Hove 

*Good Women Trustees - 5 November, London
*I am Getting On Board: Trustee Matching Event - 3 November - London
*Governance Surgeries from Brighton and Hove Community Works –  4 November Brighton
*Trustee Role in Risk Management, 2nd November - London
*Trustee Role in Strategy Development, 3rd November London
*Audit Committee Training - 3 November 2015 London
*Introduction to Trusteeship, Greater London Volunteering - 2 November London
*Trustee Role in Fundraising, 5th November London
*Inspiring Trusteeship - a free charity governance conference for London, Greater London *Volunteering - 16 November London
*Beyond the Boardroom: Recruiting and Retaining Great Trustees -3rd November - London
*Individuals - Looking to be a trustee or skilled volunteer? - 3rd November London

South West

*Annual Charity Seminar: Modernising Your Charity - 4 November, Exeter
*Cruising or all at sea? Burton Sweet Autumn Charity Seminar - 30 September Bristol
*Burton Sweet Charity Trustees’ Week Presentation and Reception - 5th November Bristol


*VAT for charities: an introduction - 4 November Cardiff*VAT for charities: advanced complexities and considerations - 4 November Cardiff
*PKAVS Trustees Week event - 3 November Aberfeldy
*Launch of Young Trustees Cymru 4th November Neath 
*PKAVS Trustees Week event - 4 November Perth
*PKAVS Trustees Week event - 7 November Auchterarder

North West

Trustees Week Open Days - Knowsley, 3 & 5 November
Knowsley Connectors - Knowsley, 24 November

Trustees' Week 2014 events round-up

London & the South East

* Trustee & Senior Worker Conference, from Get on Board Kensington & Chelsea - London, 27th September
* Masterclass: The role of the Honorary Treasurer, from Honorary Treasurers Forum - London, 4th November

* Improving Trustee Effectiveness, from ICSA - London, 5th November
* Charity Conference, from Russell New - Hove, 7th November
*Trustee Conference, from NCVO and BWB - London, 10th November

* Trustee matching and networking evening, from I AM Enterprises - London, 11th November
* Preparing for SORP 2015, from CFG - London, 11th November
* Governance Surgeries, from Brighton and Hove Community Works - Brighton, 11th November
* Audit Committee Training, from CFG - London, 12th November
* Beyond the Boardroom breakfast session, from Career Voluntere and Legal & General - London, 12th November
* Trustees Networking Evening, from Merton Voluntary Service Council - Morden, 13th November
* Good Governance Trustee Conference, from Greater London Volunteering - London, 14th November
*Strategy and Governance Masterclass, from the FSI - London, 15th November

* Ensuring effective partnerships between trustees & senior management, from NPC - London, 17th November


* Free Drop-in Trusteeship Session, from Dudley CVS - Dudley, 11th and 13th November
* Preparing for SORP 2015, from CFG - Birmingham, 12th November
* Sustainable charities seminar, from Burton Sweet and HR & Training Solutions - Birmingham, 13th November

*Governance Matters! Seminar and Charities Outreach Exhibition, from MHA Bloomer Heaven - Birmingham, 13th November


* Charities & Volunteers: Who'd Be a Trustee? seminar, from Roythornes Solicitors and Kidney  Research UK - Peterborough, 16th September

South West

* Shining Your Light seminar, from Burton Sweet - Bristol, 1st October
* Deal or No Deal Funding Conference, from Devon Voluntary Action - Devon, 4th November
* Introduction to Recruiting Trustees and Volunteers, from Dorset Community Action and the Volunteer Centre Dorse - Dorset, 12th November
* Charity Trustees' Reception, from Burton Sweet - Bristol, 19th November
* Free trusteeship seminar, from Getting On Board - Bristol, 25th November

North West

* Trustee liabilities: Reducing the Risks, from Chester Voluntary Action - Chester, 12th November

North East

*Trustees and Good Governance Conference, from Durham Community Action - Durham, 25th November


* Trustees Network Conference, from SCVO - Edinburgh, 8th November
*Good Governance and Great Trustees seminar from SCVO - Inverness, 11th November
* Developing trustees in Scotland, from Scotland's Third Sector Leadership Forum - Dundee, 14th November


* Trustees Shared Learning Seminar, from Wales Audit Office - Cardiff, 11th November
* Trustees Shared Learning Seminar, from Wales Audit Office - Conwy - 13th November

Trustees' Week 2013 Events round-up

London & the South East

* External Trustees Conferece, NUS - London, 9th May
* Trustee Networking Event from the I Am Group - London, 15th May
* Networking for Trustees from the I Am Group - London, 24 July
* Trustee Fair from the Directory of Social Change (DSC) - London, 13th September
* Treasurers Event, ICAEW - London, 16th October
* 'Surviving in Hard Times' Trustee Seminars, Civil Society -  London, 4th November
* Introduction to Being a Trustee, VAC and VCC -  London, 4th November 
* Trustees' Week event, ICAEW - London, 5th November
* Governance & Leadership Conference, CAS - London, 6th November
* So You Want to Be a Charity Trustee?, FT Non Executive Directors' Club - London, 6th November 
* Camden Trustees Speed Matching, VAC and VCC - London, 6th November 
* Trustee Conference, CaDVAS and Whitehead Monckton - Kent, 7th November
* Trustee Celebration Evening, VAC and VCC - London, 7th November
* Charity Conference, Russell New - Brighton, 7th November
* NCVO Trustee Conference - London, 11th November 

South West

 * Half day seminar from Burton Sweet - Bristol, 17th April
* Trustees' Week Reception, Burton Sweet - Bristol, 5 November
* Thomas Westcott annual trustee seminar - Devon, 5th November
* Trustees' Week seminar, Wilsons Solicitors - Salisbury, 6th November 

* Workshop: The Role of the Charitable Board, BVSC - Birmingham, 16th October
* Workshop: The Board in Action, BVSC -  Birmingham, 23rd October
* Workshop: An Effective Board, BVSC - Birmingham, 30th October
* Making the Most of What you Have, Bloomer Heaven - Worcester, 4th November
* Making the Most of What you Have, Bloomer Heaven - Birmingham, 11th November
* Making the Most of What you Have, Bloomer Heaven - Wolverhampton, 13th November
* Trustee Training Mingling & Matching Event, BVSC - Birmingham, 6th November
* Trustee Network Briefing, Nottingham CVS - Nottingham, 6th November

* Charities and Social Media, Roythornes Solicitors - Peterborough, 10th October

North East
* Lunchtime seminar, Durham University - Durham, 4th November
* Introduction to Charitable status and the Role of Trustees, CVS - Bradford, 6th November
* Trustee Matching Event, Third Sector Cafe - Sheffield, 6th November
* Volunteers and the Law, CVS and Volunteer Centre - Newcastle, 4th November  
* Your role as a committee member, CVS and Volunteer Centre - Newcastle, 6th November 
* Registering as a charity, CVS and Volunteer Centre - Newcastle, 8th November

North West  
* Free Workshop, AE Portz Associates - Harrogate, 6th November
* Trustee recruitment training session, VC Liverpool - Liverpool, 6th November
* Free Workshop, AE Portz Associates - York, 7th November

* WCVA Trustee Seminars - Wales, 1st October, 7th Nov, 14th Nov, 21st Nov
* Seminar from WAO, Charity Commission and Good Practice Wales - multiple dates and locations
* Free individual consultations on charity mergers - Practise Training & Consultancy, multiple dates
* A&B Cymru On Board course - Cardiff and Old Colwyn, 5th November
* Trustee seminars, CVSC and FRSB - Colwyn Bay, 5th November
* A&B Cymru Board Matters course - Cardiff, 7th November

* Trustee Day, Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprises - Stirling, 5th November
* The Future of Trusteeship, Scottish Governance Forum - Dundee, 7th November

Virtual Open Day, Franklin Hart - Online, 7th November

Trustees' Week 2012 events round-up

London & the South East

  • Women on boards: voluntary and public sector appointments - London, 1st November
  • Forum for Trustees with guest speaker John O'Brien - London, 5th November
  • Invitational Seminar: Reputational risk - the role of Chair: Trusts & Foundations - London, 5th November
  • ICAEW Charity Trustees Event - London, 5th November
  • Governance in a Commissioning Landscape - London, 5th November
  • Camden Trustees Matching Event - London, 6th November
  • Learning Event with the Honorary Treasurers Forum - London, 6th November
  • Invitational Seminar: Reputational risk: the role of Chair: International Charities - London, 6th November
  • How confident are you that your charity is financially stable? - London, 6th November
  • How Newham Council staff can get more involved in local voluntary groups - London, 6th November 
  • Workshop for New Trustees - Essex, 6th November
  • Voluntary Action Camden Trustees Week Event - London, 7th November
  • Trustees' Open Space (networking & discussion evening) - London, 7th November
  • Invitational Seminar: Reputational risk - the role of Chair: Religious Charities - London, 7th November
  • Wig / Executive Action Workshop - London, 7th November
  • What is governance? - London, 8th November
  • How to become more effective trustees - London, 8th November
  • Community Action Southwark Trustee Conference 2012 - London, 8th November
  • NCVO Trustee conference - London, 12th November
  • The 7 Secrets of Effective Trustees - London, 14th November
  • Charity and Voluntary Sector Group Conference - London, 15th November

    South West
  • Charity & Not-For-Profit Seminar - Exeter, 6th November
  • North Devon Theatres' Trust informal drop-in session - Barnstaple, 8th November
  • Burton Sweet Trustees Reception - Bristol, 8th November
  • Burton Sweet Charity Seminar - Bristol, 8th November
  • Involve Swindon: Trustee Awareness Evening - Swindon, 8th November

  • Open Drop-In Session - Birmingham, 5th November
  • Free Seminar for Charities and Churches - Worcester, 6th November
  • Interested in becoming a Trustee? - Birmingham, 8th November
  • Improving Effectiveness: how Independent Examiners can help charities have greater impact - Birmingham, 9th November

    North East
  • Newton Aycliffe Youth Centre holds Dop-In, 6th November

  • To incorporate or not to incorporate? - Leeds, 7th November
  • Harrogate and District Volunteering Oscars - Harrogate, 16th November

  • North West
    Trustee Drop-In session at Sefton CVS offices - Liverpool, 6th November

  • Trustee Drop-In session at Sefton CVS offices - Southport, 7th November 
  • Trustee Drop-In session at Sefton CVS offices - Liverpool, 7th November
  • CVS Cheshire East: Understanding Insurance - Cheshire, 7th November
  • Community and Voluntary Sector Research Forum - Liverpool, 7th November
  • CVS Cheshire East: Understanding Insurance - Cheshire, 8th November
  • Recruiting volunteers & trustees - Bradford, 9th November
  • Trustee Advisory Service Event - Manchester, 27th November
  • Trustee Advisory Service Event - Liverpool, 22nd November
  • Charity and Voluntary Sector Group Conference - Manchester, 27th November

  • Looking Below the Surface: A profile of the Third Sector’s contribution to education, skills and regeneration in South West Wales - Carmarthen, 5th November
  • Roles and Responsibilities-What every committee member needs to know! - Pembrokeshire, 6th November
  • Governance and Risk Management - Cardiff, 6th November
  • Planning for financial sustainability - a trustee's guide - Newport, 6th November
  • Introduction to Charity Finance Course - Cardiff, 6th November
  • Planning for financial sustainability - a trustees guide - Pembrokeshire, 8th November
  • Resources, Risk and Reputation - the key Trustee Roles - Conwy, 9th November
  • Planning for financial sustainability - a trustee's guide - Rhayader, 13th November

  • Trustees' Week 2011 event round up

    Online events
    South West
    North West 
    North East