Monday, 21 November 2011

Event round-up - Board level volunteering seminar, London

The Institute of Directors kindly hosted a seminar on board level volunteering, to encourage people to volunteer as trustees, school governors or members of boards of public bodies. It was attended by IoD members, representatives of large employers and individuals who wished to volunteer for boards.

Katie Hodgson (pictured), a former senior Shell employee, who found her role as the chair of the Richmond branch of Cruse Bereavement Care through Getting on Board (GonB), spoke very inspiringly about her experience as a trustee, why she had decided to volunteer, and the benefits for all concerned.

An excellent video of Miles Templeman, recently retired Director-General of IoD, encouraging directors and aspiring directors to become trustees, was shown.

Sarah Hodgkinson and Sally Connolly, both of GonB, explained what the role of a trustee is, why people should volunteer, and how to go about finding the right opportunity on a board, including using the GonB matching service. A number of those present are now looking for board level volunteering positions, having been inspired by the seminar.

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