Friday, 28 October 2011

Get on board at the station – Richmond, North Yorkshire, 4/11/11

Date: 4 November
Time: 11am – 3pm
Venue: The Station, Richmond

Richmondshire Volunteer Centre and The Station are combining forces to raise awareness of the vital role charity Trustees play and to encourage volunteers to become a board member of a local charity.

The Station have offered their platform to enable people to embark on this rewarding journey and the Volunteer Centre will be the ‘dating’ agency, matching volunteers with organisations and on hand to provide information and advice on trusteeship.

James Gravenor, Chairperson at The Station said, “We were aware that Trustee Week was coming up and felt we could use the opportunity to recruit Trustees to The Station, We are particularly pleased to help other charities to recruit and look forward to receiving a lot of interest.”

Judith Bromfield, Chief Officer of RCVS & Richmondshire Volunteer Centre said, “It is very apt that this year the annual campaign is called ‘Getting On Board’ as it is hosted at the Station. Trustees come from all walks of life and there are over 350 charities in Richmondshire so there are plenty of vacancies. Please call in to the event and find out more about becoming a trustee, we are particularly keen to encourage young people to become trustees as they are under presented on management boards but have a great deal to offer. You do not have to have had management experience to be a good trustee, we are looking for people with passion, a good knowledge of their local community and commitment to help steer a charity in the right direction to support its members and beneficiaries.”

No need to book, just drop in for a free cup of tea or coffee and biscuit and the chance to talk to local charities and find out how to ‘Get on Board’.

If you are an organisation looking for trustees and would like to attend the event contact Alison Metcalfe, Richmondshire Volunteer Centre, (01748) 822537 or email:

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