Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Event round-up - the What, Why and How of charity trusteeship, Gateshead

An event held by Gateshead Voluntary Organisations Council and Reach

An enthusiastic group of those new to trusteeship and those wanting to find out more about being a trustee met together in Gateshead to learn more about the role.

The group started with the ‘What’, during which they talked about what the role entails with some inspiration from Chris Maddock, a guest trustee from The Art Studio in Sunderland, who told the group about what being a trustee means to him. They then went on to the ‘Why’ which was brought to life by Maureen Kesteven, a GVOC trustee, who had everyone thinking about what benefits trusteeship brings or could bring to their lives. The group then learnt from Sarah King, Reach’s Chief Executive, on what to think about when looking for a trustee role in the ‘How’ part of the event, with Victoria Clark from GVOC impressing everyone with the services GVOC has available to help organisations and trustees come together.

Finally, the group had a glass of wine while they played the TrusteeWorks governance quiz with two of the guests achieving an impressive 9/10.

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