Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ruth Taylor's story...

Ruth, 21, is a trustee for The Young Achievers Trust, a youth-led organisation which recognises, celebrates and supports inspirational young people who have made outstanding contributions through volunteering.

A self-confessed serial volunteer herself, Ruth, from Essex, joined the YAT to help promote the incredible work young people do, whilst also encouraging others to get involved in social action.

Ruth says: Being a trustee is a brilliant thing to do with your spare time, as you get to make a real difference to the running of an organisation whose work you’re passionate about. I decided I wanted to become a trustee to learn more about the behind-the-scenes workings of a small charity, whilst having a great time in the process! The Young Achievers Trust was the perfect charity for me, as it involves two areas I care about hugely: empowering young people to get involved in doing some good, and social action in the guise of volunteering! I love being a trustee, as its given me the chance to meet and work with some incredible people from across the country, have lots of fun and develop my skills.

Trustees Week is an excellent time to shout about the amazing work trustees do and all the rewards that come from dedicating your time. I’d love to see more young people sitting on trustee boards, as charities need young people to bring different perspectives and new ways of thinking, as well as lots of energy and a sense of fun! I’d recommend being a trustee to anyone who has commitment to a particular cause. There’s a trustee position out there for you!

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