Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nat Panda's story....

Nat Panda became a student trustee of Warwick Students' Union earlier this year.

Nat says: When the opportunity arose to become a trustee it was an easy decision for me; I had been involved in the Union for quite sometime and knew what was required of the role. I was aware of the difference the Union made to students' lives and was keen to be part of a team who could help this continue and improve this positive impact. I had not been involved in much volunteering previously, but felt that being a trustee was one of the most effective ways I could apply my skills, experience and time.

Being a trustee has been a great experience so far, and it has naturally led to certain skills being developed – for example, I feel my communication skills are constantly improving. I have found that for beneficial discussions to take place, it is essential that trustees make sure their views are heard. I have also realised the effectiveness of discussing matters with more experienced members of the board in an informal setting, as this has allowed me to clarify my thoughts, and better articulate them to the other trustees during meetings.

I think that Trustees' Week is a great idea as it promotes the possibility of becoming a trustee to a wide audience, and highlights skills which people may be able to offer. This in turn benefits charities by providing a larger pool of trustees. I think this promotion is particularly applicable to young people who may not realise that they can hugely contribute as a trustee. If you can find a charity whose cause you really believe in, I would highly recommend looking into trusteeship. 

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