Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Twitter Thunderclap championing Board Diversity

Young Charity Trustees is celebrating its second birthday on Friday May 10th by doing a Thunderclap to promote board diversity. Get involved by visiting https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/2074-championing-board-diversity. See below for more info.

Young Charity Trustees (YCT) is 2 years old on May 10th. During that time we have grown our LinkedIn group to more than 1150 members, been active on social media, been interviewed, spoken at events, written articles, and recruited a fantastic team of YCT Ambassadors who promote our work.

We have helped some brilliant organisations like
Street League and Trailblazers find young trustees for their Boards, and discovered more about fantastic orgs that empower young people like Dare2Lead, Uprising, Charityworks and Generation 2 Generation, to name just a few.

We have helped charities looking for Board members and young people looking for opportunities. We have been blown away by the positive response that we have received and thank everyone so much for your support.

However, we want you to help us to dream bigger. Not only is there so much to be done around getting younger people onto charity Boards, but issues of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability and background on Boards are just as important.

Please help us to champion Board Diversity and get the message out to charities and to all those who care about them!

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