Friday, 4 November 2011

Sahar Zahid's story...

Sahar Zahid is a trustee of Moroccan Youth UK and the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

She says:

As a trustee I am able to play a key role in charities I am passionate about and that, to me, is worthwhile. The role of a trustee goes beyond donating or volunteering, it is developing worthwhile causes at a strategic level.
I find being a trustee to be a real learning experience and I am always surprised by the skills and information I gain from such a role. In my role I have had the opportunity to develop key professional and social skills such us confidence in creating successful working relationships and strategy development. On a personal level, I have been able to use all of this in my own career and the experiences I have gained being a trustee have benefitted me greatly. Admittedly, the most exciting opportunities that have come my way have been by way of networking as a trustee!
There is a large area of overall responsibility that comes with being a trustee. It's important that you are very hands on and have an understanding of your charity. Being a trustee is a responsibility first and foremost, but with it comes great experience and some 'giving back'.
I think Trustees’ Week is an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of the role of trustee, celebrate those who are trustees and invite others to join organisations also.

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