Thursday, 27 October 2011

Naveed Ahmed's story...

Naveed Ahmed is Chair of the Enfield Asian Welfare Association, a small charity providing day care and support services to elderly Asians living in Enfield. He became Chair of the charity after someone suggested he become a trustee when he retired.

Naveed says: "As I approached retirement from work, someone at work suggested I consider becoming a trustee of a charity whose work I supported and could relate to. Many charities, particularly smaller ones, were crying out for people with commercial experience to help them become more efficient and effective. The idea really clicked with me - I could apply a lot of my knowledge and skills; it would allow me to give something back to society; I’d meet different people from different walks of life; I’d have something to focus on; I’d feel valued.

"I got in touch with the Trustees' Week partners “Getting on Board” and they told me about EAWA (Enfield Asian Welfare Association) that provided Day Care services and support to the Asian elderly in the borough. I could identify with their work as I could not find a suitable day care or social centre whenever my elderly (Asian) mother came to us to visit. It became obvious to me that this was an organisation that was stable, passionate about the services they provided and well managed both operationally & financially. I did feel that I could still add value in a number of areas so we mutually agreed that I should join the board. The following month the charity's Chair stepped down after eight years and asked if I would like to become the Chairman!

"If you are considering being a trustee, its really important to learn as much as you can about the charity beforehand, get a proper induction when you start and be prepared for statutory paperwork to read and checks to complete. If you can, do spend time with members of staff and clients, not just at the start but on an on-going basis. You do need to be committed to contributing your time and effort but also need to be clear on how much time you are able to devote to the charity.

"So is there life after retirement? You bet, it certainly has been for me and something that I find very rewarding and fulfilling."

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