Monday, 24 October 2011

Kit Jones' story...

Kit Jones, 24, is trustee of the Woodcraft Folk, a charity that works with children and young people, encouraging them to participate in society and help build a sustainable, fairer world. Kit grew up in the organisation and as a young member was inspired by a leader who encouraged him to get more involved in its democracy. Over half the charity's trustee board is aged 24 or under and Kit says that the Woodcraft Folk empowers young people like no other organisation he has ever come across.

He says being a trustee is hard work, but worthwhile: “In my role I am on the financial executive so I have to regularly look at the charity’s accounts and ensure we have enough money to do what we want. I also chair the committee of the organisation that looks after our five outdoor centres. I think in general we are more hands on than most trustees might be – most of us run groups ourselves or are involved in actually delivering the projects the organisation undertakes.

“Through being a trustee I have learned quite a lot about how to be effective in meetings and in my activities between meetings. I particular I have learned about prioritising things, as well as about communication. The best thing about being a trustee is that you get to make a difference. I enjoy it when I put my case for something and other people listen to what I have to say and are influenced by it. I really get to put my values into practice.”

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