Friday, 21 October 2011

Helen Saxton's story...

Helen Saxton is a trustee of Gofal, a mental health and well-being charity in Wales. She became involved with the charity in December 2009 after working in charity finance for over 10 years.

She thinks people should consider donating not just money to charities, but also their time and expertise: "Before I became a trustee I regularly donated money to charities but as a young professional I had limited resources, so I decided to donate my professional skills instead.

"Becoming a trustee is one of the most rewarding roles a person can perform, but each individual needs to be aware of the responsibilities and commitment it requires. My main duties are scrutinising the charity’s finances to identify risks and weaknesses.

“The best thing about being a trustee is being involved in an organisation I truly believe benefits the community. I now realise the dedication you need to work within the charitable sector and the passion each organisation has for its core aims and beliefs.

“Giving £2 a month can make a difference but through real commitment, time and expertise, trustees can truly shape the future of communities and people throughout the UK.”

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