Friday, 30 October 2015

Academy Ambassadors support Trustees Week'

Academy Ambassadors is delighted to be supporting Trustees’ Week this year through a range of activity to raise awareness of the work of an academy trustee and the opportunity to get involved. We hope that many more business leaders will be encouraged to join us and help to make a real difference to education in England.

Academy Ambassadors is a non-profit organisation set up to recruit high-calibre business people into academy trust board positions on a pro bono basis. We aim to bring the best of corporate governance and business acumen into the education system and support good trusts to grow.

We have a range of resources to support academy trustees on the Academy Ambassadors’ website. Highlights include guidance for new trustees on data management and academy funding; Twenty-one questions for multi-academy trusts, and lessons on financial stewardship from Outwood Grange, one of England’s leading academy trusts.

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