Monday, 29 September 2014

Strategy and Governance Masterclass series, from the FSI - throughout November

The FSI is pleased to launch a programme of three new ‘Strategy and Governance Masterclasses’, hosted by Santander in Newcastle (1st November), Leeds (8th November) and London (15th November).

It is a charity’s leaders, both Trustees and staff, that decide and deliver the direction of work for the organisation. The staff leadership will propose the forward strategy for the charity to the Board of Trustees based on their expertise and operational knowledge of the beneficiary group. The Trustee Board then evaluates the proposed strategy, constructively challenges the assumptions made to be clear that the strategy is the best course of action to meet the future needs of the charity’s beneficiaries. The CEO is then responsible for delivering the strategy. 

A good strategic planning process will ensure that the charity Trustees, Staff and Volunteers have a sense of shared ownership and commitment to the vision that the charity wants to achieve for its beneficiary group.

This Masterclass will consider the roles of the CEO and Chair in deciding and delivering the strategy. It will look at strategic planning processes and provide a range of tools and resources to help participants develop future strategy.

Target Audience: This Masterclass is for Charity CEOs and Chairs or representative Trustees. To benefit fully from the Masterclass we recommend that both the CEO and Trustee attend as the day will be split into two separate workshops.

Fore more details on the individual masterclasses, and to book, CLICK HERE.

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