Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Audio podcasts help trustees tackle challenges and prevent problems

The Charity Commission, the regulator of charities in England and Wales, has launched a new series of audio podcasts, designed to help charity trustees understand their duties under charity law.


The three podcasts of this autumn series introduce Commission guidance on:

Protecting your charity from harm from extremists
Nick Donaldson, the Outreach Manager at the Charity Commission1, is joined by a newly appointed trustee of a London university to discuss a case study that highlights the risks facing charities from extremism. The podcast includes practical tips on how trustees can protect their charities from harm and fulfil their legal duties.

The Big Board Talk - 15 questions trustees need to ask
Over 2 episodes Nick Mott, Head of Policy Development Guidance and Review at the Charity Commission and Jane Tully, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Charity Finance Group, bring the Commission’s Big Board Talk to life. The Big Board talk sets out key questions that all trustee boards should ask themselves - especially during tough economic times. Jane and Nick discuss ways in which trustees can use the Big Board Talk to help ensure they manage their charities effectively.

Sam Younger, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission, says:
“Expectations of trustees are high because the public expects a huge amount from the charities that trustees serve. The Commission as regulator is getting tougher on mismanagement and abuse in charities. An important way of doing that is to help trustees prevent problems arising in the first place by ensuring they understand what the law expects of them. Collaborating with our partners in the charity sector to produce audio podcasts is a great way of informing trustees of their duties in an accessible way. We very are grateful to all the contributors.”


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