Monday, 9 September 2013

Model Job Description and Person Specification Series: Week 2 - Treasurer

Today sees the launch of part 2 of a series of model documents from charity recruitment specialist Prospectus (for the Trustee model from Week 1, see the 'Information for Charities' on the right hand side of this page). This week Prospectus, in support of Trustees' Week, have provided a model job description and person specification for the role of Treasurer. Treasurers help the trustee board to fulfil its obligation to provide financial oversight for the organisation. 

This document can be used as a template, and it outlines the statutory details of the role, and the kind of knowledge and experience a candidate should hold.

Click HERE to find out more about Prospectus and download the Treasurer document.

For more information about being a treasurer, visit the Honorary Treasurers Forum, a Trustees' Week partner.

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