Friday, 17 May 2013

Trustee story: Marc Kidson, British Youth Council

Being a trustee challenges you to take on so many different roles: you have to be a champion for the charity externally; you have to be a custodian of its reputation and a prudent guardian of its assets; and you have to be a friendly and constructive challenger to the staff. This can be a daunting prospect, especially at a relatively young age, but it is one of the most enriching and important things you can do.

I wanted to be a trustee, first and foremost, because I believed in the mission of the British Youth Council, to give young people a voice on the issues that affect them. If you don’t care about the charity, you shouldn’t be a trustee, because the role can be demanding and you need to feel that it matters. But if you have that passion then everything else follows from it - I really look forward to the meetings, which are always lively, interactive and friendly.

I’ve taken on a variety of functions on our trustee board, including as a member of the finance sub-group supporting the Treasurer and leading on governance matters, where we need to interpret, clarify or change the governing documents of the charity. I’ve also played many other roles, engaging with politicians, potential funders, and even attending conferences abroad to share the work of the BYC. There are so many great charities that need trustees - I would encourage anyone to find the one that they can make a difference for.

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