Monday, 18 February 2013

Take the Trustee Ambassador Pledge

Trustees Week 2013 runs 4-10 November this year. To celebrate, take the Trustee Ambassador pledge and start spreading the word about trusteeship.

Being a trustee is greatly rewarding. Whilst trustees are unpaid, the commitment and energy they bring to the position is vital to the running of charities. The scope of work that charities do, whether local, national or international, helps to create a better society and the remarkable history of driving social change that charities have is reflected in the world we live in today.

During Trustees Week 2013, we want to raise awareness of the brilliant work that trustees do and highlight the opportunities for personal development that trusteeship offers, to encourage more people to become trustees. We have found that the best way to do this is through word of mouth and the stories of real trustees about their own experiences.

To celebrate and support Trustees Week 2013 we would like to invite trustees to be become Trustees Week Ambassadors and take the following pledge. The Trustee Ambassador Pledge is a commitment to undertake as many of the five simple ideas to spread the word about trusteeship as possible. We hope you will join us!

Trustee Ambassador Pledge
  1. Tell 10 people you know about being a trustee and what this involves
  2. Include a mention of your support of Trustees Week 2013 and a link to the website in your charity’s email signature
  3. Tweet a photo of yourself holding up a “this is what a trustee looks like” using the #trusteesweek hash tag
  4. Contact a local newspaper to tell them about Trustees Week, using the media top tips resources available here
  5. Hold a coffee morning with other local charities to explain more about trusteeship - you may even meet some potential Board members!

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