Friday, 2 November 2012

Marion Francis's Story....

Marion Francis is a trustee of The Leprosy Mission, a Christian charity based in Stirling. The charity is part of a global partnership that brings healing and justice to those affected by leprosy.
 Marion says:
‘I’ve been a member of The Leprosy Mission Scotland Board of Trustees for just over a year.  I became involved because it’s a small charity dealing with a stigmatised “old fashioned” issue.  Many people think that leprosy was eradicated long ago, but it still affects many people across the world, though it can be treated very easily once it’s diagnosed. However, the disease still stigmatises many people, their families and communities. The Leprosy Mission Scotland raises funds for projects in Africa and Asia which provide support for those affected by leprosy, including training programmes, medical support, and community support.
‘Being a trustee of the charity is a real privilege. I’m part of a board which meets four times a year and has people from all walks of life. Being part of this team is great.  I’ve worked in economic development for over 20 years and being a trustee of The Leprosy Mission Scotland allows me to use some of my experience to benefit projects across the globe. Being a trustee also enables me to get involved in the business side of the organisation, helping to ensure it is run effectively and efficiently and therefore makes the most of all the money raised by individual givers and corporate donations or institutional grants.
‘I’m a 47 year old mum of four kids, with a professional day job as well. So in many ways I don’t have a huge amount of time to be the trustee of a charity, but I find that I can fit in Leprosy Mission meetings and commitments – and I thoroughly enjoy it.’

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