Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rebecca Price's Story....

Rebecca Price, 27, is a trustee of TRUST in Lambeth, South London, which assists women affected by prostitution in the area.

Rebecca says: 'I became a trustee around six months ago and have been involved in the charity sector and volunteering since I was at school. When I started as a trustee of TRUST women’s project in Lambeth I was quickly nominated as Acting Chair while our Chair is on Maternity leave. I was drawn to TRUST as it gives a unique service to women affected by prostitution in South London, and I had previously worked with women affected by these issues, having been brought up in the area.

I have gained a range of experience while being a trustee and Chair, including working with funders, strategic planning and recruiting Board members. As well as individuals, I would urge employers to encourage people at different points in their career to become trustees, as the organisations they work for in their day jobs will benefit from them gaining skills in a different context.

Being an Acting Chair at 27, when only 17% of charity Chairs are women, has given me hope that my generation can break the glass ceiling towards more diverse leadership in the VCS sector in the future. Trustees' week is a  great way of celebrating and promoting trusteeship and I am pleased to be involved.'

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