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Improving Effectiveness: how Independent Examiners can help charities have greater impact - Birmingham, 09/11/12

Date: 9th November
Time: 09:30am - 04:30pm
Venue: The National Motorbike Museum, Birmingham

Conference Programme:

- 9.30 Coffee and registration
- 10:00 Conference Welcome: Mark Heaton, Chair of ACIE
- 10:10 Recent Challenges: an assessment of the Hodgson Review and the Social Finance Initiatives. Professor Paul Palmer, Professor of Voluntary Sector Management at Cass Business School, City University, London, will survey the current issues for charities
- 10:40 Improving Governance: lessons from the Commission's enquiry work. Nigel Davies, from the Accountacy Policy Team at the Charity Commission, will report on ways in which Independent Examiners can help improve governance
- 11.10 Coffee break
- 11.30 Workshop 1: see below; choose one of A, B or C
- 12.30 Lunch
- 1.30 Update on ACIE
- 1.45 Workshop 2: see below; choose one of A, B or C
- 2.45 Tea break
- 3.10 Workshop 3: see below; choose one of A, B or C
- 4.15 Closing Plenary
- 4.30 End of conference

An efficient IE and an understanding of financial options means an Examiner can free up time and resources for client charities. Choose whichever workshops you wish, but note that 1A, 2A and 3A take you through the basics and are aimed more at those (fairly) new to IE.

Conference Workshops:
Workshop 1:
1A Ground-rules for a new IE client
Howard Sanderson,
ACIE Fellow and Trainer, will look at finding new clients, independence, eligibility, timetables, fees, and letters of engagement - the basics you need to know

1B Charities and Trading
Catherine Rustomji, Head of Charities and Social Enterprise North at Hempsons, will cover the main legal considerations affecting charities carrying out trading - particularly governance and funding. This workshop will examine the different types of trading, identify pitfalls to avoid and make recommendations of best practice

1C Effective Reporting

Nigel Davies,
from the Charity Commission, will look at the effective communication of a charity's story with particular reference to its activities, public benefit and reserves

Workshop 2:
2A Using the ACIE 2012 IE File
Howard Sanderson,
ACIE Fellow and Trainer, provides an opportunity to review the content of the 2012 England & Wales edition of the File, and how to apply it effectively

2B Becoming a Full Member of ACIE
Christopher Stephen-Haynes,
ACIE Fellow, Trustee and Chair of Membership, will talk through the Full Membership process with reference to changes introduced over the past
twelve months and others currently in the pipeline

2C When the Effectiveness falters
Peter Brown,
ACIE Fellow and Trustee, will explore an Independent Examiner's role and responsibilities in respect of Going Concern; a merger of charities; and a charity closure

Workshop 3:
3A Management Letters and Qualifying the IE Report
Sarah Smith,
ACIE Fellow and Trainer, looks at two of the options for an Independent Examiner when the accounts don’t add up - when to use which, and how either can be used effectively as a tool to help improve charities

3B VAT and small charities
Thomas Mobee,
Senior VAT Manager, Saffery Champness.
Concentrating on opportunities to minimise VAT exposure, regardless of whether the charity or not-for-profit organisation is VAT registered, this talk will cover registration; recovery principles; and VAT-free purchases (exempt and zero-rated)

3C Financial Issues for Churches
Trevor James,
ACIE Fellow and ACAT Trustee.
This session will include: the future changes to Gift Aid on cash collections, VAT on improvements to listed buildings (an issue for many churches) and an update on the listed places of worship grant scheme ACAT:

Fir further information please visit the ACIE website  

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