Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ian Adderley's story...

Ian Adderley is a trustee of the British Youth Council, a charity that aims to give young people an opportunity to have their voices heard and campaigns on issues that affect them most.

Given that the average age of a trustee is 57, at 24 Ian is a relatively young trustee. He has been serving on the charity’s board for the past three years and believes that a good trustee board should have a diverse and complimentary skill set.

Ian says: “Being a trustee is a fantastic opportunity, you develop from it and learn new skills, but more importantly you are right at the heart of an organisation you passionately believe in. When it goes well you really do see a difference being made.

“Trustees are there to set the strategic direction of the organisation, ensure that the organisation's strategy is followed, and hold to account those operating the charity. But importantly, a trustee should also be an ambassador of the charity. Providing leadership of a charity is more than simply attending board meetings.

“Through being a trustee I’ve gained a better understanding of the sector and I’ve learnt how to make difficult decisions. Having years of experience isn’t essential – it’s about what you can bring, not what you’ve already done.

“I think promoting trusteeship is hugely important. It is something too many people see as being 'not for them'. In particular I'd like to see Trustees’ Week encouraging more young people to become involved as trustees, but also vitally, encouraging more charities to seek to involve young people in their board.”

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