Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Anne and Nesta Lloyd-Jones' stories...

Trusteeship runs in the family for Nesta Lloyd-Jones and her mum Anne. Anne became a trustee of Miss Mary Corbett’s Gift to Ynysymaengwyn automatically on her election to the Town Council in 1985. The charity ensures that the terms of the gift are upheld and that Ynysmaengwyn is accessible to the public as a place of natural beauty.

Nesta is trustee of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, which is not a charity but a campaigning organisation that fights for action to end violence against women and girls.

Anne says: “Trusteeship gives you the ability to make a difference. Personally, seeing the improvements the trust has made on Ynysmaengwyn land over the last few years is the best thing about being a trustee, especially seeing how this has led to far greater usage and appreciation by the public.

“The most important thing I have learnt from being a trustee is that you must take your responsibilities seriously and that ensure that you have the necessary time to give to the charity. Being committed to the organisation and wanting to see it prosper makes it all worthwhile."

Nesta agrees that there are many benefits to being a trustee: “Being a trustee is an extremely rewarding experience and it can help you develop as a person, learning new skills and knowledge. Volunteering and being a trustee is something that I have always been aware of when growing up. Both my grandmother and mother volunteered their time to a number of organisations, so I am fully aware of the difference people make to their local community.

“I would recommend being a trustee to anyone who has a commitment to a cause and who can spare time to learn about charities and influence their work.”

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