Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Martin Price's story...

Dr Martin Price is a trustee of Diverse Cymru, a newly registered charity set up to promote equality and diversity by providing advice, information and training.

Martin was commissioned to advise Cardiff and Vale Coalition of Disabled People on the charity’s merger with AWETU (All Wales Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Group). When the work was done, the Chief Executive persuaded him to become trustee of the new body – Diverse Cymru. Martin was also previously a trustee of the Institute of Fundraising.

He says:
"When I was asked to become trustee, I found the idea of contributing to the growth of a new equality organisation as it establishes itself very appealing. I have known the excellent work done by the two organisations for several years and I want to see first-hand how the merger will work in practice.

"The best thing about being a trustee is seeing how the charity has affected people's lives for the better, and I think it is an excellent opportunity to make a positive difference. It can be hard work, and difficult decisions may need to be made, but I have also found it fun working with some enthusiastic people I would never have met otherwise.

"Trustees’ Week is a great idea for recruiting more people who may not have thought about volunteering to serve charities in this way. I am proud that two of my children have also taken up trustee roles in small charities. We need younger trustees to give a different perspective."

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