Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kofi Kramo's story...

Kofi Kramo is the vice-chair of Collective Artistes, a theatre company that produces socially relevant theatre that tells the stories of the African diaspora.

Kofi became a trustee of the charity through one of the Trustees’ Week partner organisations, Reach Volunteering.

He says:
"As a trustee, helping to shape a charity at a level where there is major responsibility is very fulfilling. It can be challenging but it is rewarding when you realise you've had a hand in making a positive impact in society.

"I see my role as ensuring that Collective Artistes is in the financial position to carry out its artistic, youth development and functional commitments. It is also about making sure we are in sync with our business and strategic plans - as well as adapting to changing environments.

"Through being a trustee I have gained an extensive understanding of the various issues that need to be tackled when directing a charity. This knowledge is also transferable to other aspects of my life, such as my career and character development.

"Before becoming involved with Collective Artistes I didn't know a great deal about how to become a trustee or the range of people working as trustees for charities. I did think being a trustee was mainly the preserve of current and retired CEOs or Chairs. I think Trustees’ Week is a great idea to help encourage a diverse range of people, with a variety of skills, to look into becoming charity trustees."

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