Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dawn Varley's story...

Dawn Varley
Dawn Varley is a trustee of the Institute of Fundraising, the professional membership body for fundraisers. She was also a trustee of the charity Brook London, a sexual health charity, until closure through merger in 2011. Dawn Director of Marketing and Fundraising at the League Against Cruel Sports, who allow her time from her day to day responsibilites for carry out her trustee role.
Having worked in the not-for-profit sector for around 15 years, Dawn wanted to get more involved in strategic side of things and get a wider picture of how charities work. She says being a trustee has helped her to grow personally and professionally:
“I’ve learnt so much, mainly about due diligence and process, as well as high-level strategy. A trustee has to know why they are there, what the organisation is trying to achieve, how they are going about it, and how well they are doing. As I now attend a Trustee Board as a Director, my time and experience as a Trustee serves me very well in terms of understanding the position of the Board I now report to, which I think enables me to be a more effective communicator.’

“As a trustee you get to see the whole working machine, top down, and play a part in how it goes forward to achieve its aims. It’s a really empowering thing, and in most cases anyone can do it.

"I say to anyone considering being a trustee - absolutely just do it! Find an organisation or cause that you connect to, and see what help they need. It is a really rewarding role, but of course can be challenging and frustrating. It is time-consuming as real responsibility is involved. That said, I think it's worth it as it is a great way to add value to an organisation that you care about, be part of the team, and, cheesy but true, help the beneficiaries at the end of the line."

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